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Choosing a Home Surveillance System

When you’re shopping around for a security camera system for your home, you’ll want to choose a surveillance system that offers comprehensive protection. Your home video security system should also include security monitoring services to further enhance your safety.

Watch this video for some great tips for choosing a home surveillance system. Marc Saltzman, a home security systems expert, discusses security cameras, home automation, and home monitoring systems that can prevent break-ins, vandalism, and theft.

If you’re looking for a high quality home video security system in Los Angeles, come see us at Post Alarm Systems. We offer security camera systems, home automation services, and security monitoring services that will meet your needs and budget. To learn more, you can call us today at 1-800-654-7678.

What Are the Benefits of Home Security Systems?

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Many people rely on home security systems to protect their families and belongings from harm. If you install a security camera system and a home alarm system with alarm monitoring, you’ll have comprehensive protection from harm. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of installing a home security system.

Prevent Burglaries, Vandalism, and Home Invasion
When you are shopping around for the best security system for your needs, you should consider choosing one that includes a security camera system and security monitoring services. A visible security camera system will discourage criminals from targeting your home, as they will fear getting caught. If you prominently display the home alarm system’s sign in your window or yard, you will also let potential burglars know that your home is protected by an alarm system.

Easier to Obtain Evidence of a Crime
In the event that your home is burglarized or vandalized, having a high-tech home security system will make it much easier for you to obtain evidence of the crime. The police can review the footage from your home video security system, and use it to identify and prosecute their suspects. Home security system footage is also often valuable to present to your homeowner’s insurance agency if you need to file a claim for reimbursement for damages.

Enjoy Peace of Mind When Away from Home
Whether you’re taking a vacation or you have to spend a lot of time away from home for another reason, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a trustworthy home security system. If you opt for home automation, you can even control and monitor your security camera system and home alarm system remotely via a smart phone or tablet.

If you’re looking for the best home security system in Los Angeles for your home, come see us at Post Alarm Systems. We have been providing high quality residential alarm systems and alarm monitoring to the community since 1956. To learn more about our home security systems, call us today at 1-800-654-7678.

What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Unfortunately, active shooting situations are becoming a fact of life. What doesn’t have to become normal is being a victim. While being faced with a shooter can be terrifying, there are steps you can take to protect yourself. To start, there are three words everyone facing a shooter needs to know: run, hide, and fight. Find out more about these steps in this infographic from Post Alarm Systems. We are pleased to provide the best alarm systems in Los Angeles to keep your family and business safe, from home security systems and commercial alarm systems to surveillance and wireless home security. Please share this information with your family, friends, and co-workers so that everyone has the knowledge to stay safe should the worst happen. If you need to install or upgrade you own personal or professional security system, contact us to find out which security services may be right for you.

Tips for Choosing a Security Company

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As you begin looking for the best security system for your home, you’ll want to be sure that you purchase it from a reputable and experienced local security company. The first thing that you can do to begin your search is to ask family and friends for their recommendations. You’ll feel more comfortable working with a home security systems company that you have a personal connection with through people you know.

Next, you can read online customer reviews and testimonials for potential home security companies. Do not choose a company with a lot of negative customer feedback. You should also find out what specific home alarm systems, surveillance, and security monitoring services each company offers. Choose a company with the most high-tech and comprehensive security services available.

If you’re looking for a security company that offers the best home security systems in Los Angeles, come see us at Post Alarm Systems. Our experienced home security experts can help you pick out a home security system or security camera system that meets your needs and budget, and that will protect your family and belongings. To learn more about our surveillance and alarm systems, call us today at 1-800-654-7678.

Choosing a Surveillance System for Your Home

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A high quality security camera system can deter criminals from targeting your home, and it can also provide you with valuable evidence in the event of a crime. When choosing a home surveillance system, there are a few key factors that you should consider before making a commitment. Here is a guide to choosing the right surveillance system for your home.

Determine How Many Security Cameras are Necessary
One of the first things that you’ll need to do when shopping around for the best security system for your needs is to determine how many security cameras are necessary to protect your home. Ideally, anyplace in your home that may tempt a criminal should be monitored by your security camera system. Four security cameras are typically sufficient to monitor a medium-sized home. You might need more cameras depending upon the layout of the interior or exterior of your home.

Choose the Best Camera for Your Needs
There are a variety of security cameras on the market, and each offers different features. Box cameras are affordable and highly visible, which can serve to deter criminal activity. Dome cameras come in different sizes, are less intrusive, and are easy to install. Pan/tilt/zoom cameras offer a 360-degree field of view and are remote controllable. They also allow you more options for installation and security monitoring services.

Opt for Security Monitoring Services
Security monitoring services allow you or your home monitoring company to access your security camera system remotely. If you’re at work or out of town, your home automation system will let you access your home alarm system and security camera system via a smart phone or tablet. You can quickly and easily monitor and download videos, and adjust settings.

To learn more about your options for a security camera system in Los Angeles, come see us at Post Alarm Systems. Our highly qualified and experienced home security systems experts can help you find the best home video security system for your needs. To learn more about our security monitoring services, call us today at 1-800-654-7678.

Installing a Home Security System

Homes are very personal spaces. The last thing a homeowner wants is to have that space violated and broken into. Good home security systems are great ways to prevent unwanted people from entering homes. Besides the standard blaring alarm component, most modern systems can include camera surveillance devices, motion sensors, door and window sensors, and Wi-Fi monitoring capabilities for homeowners. These systems should be registered—and are usually required to be—with local police departments, for added efficiency. Watch this informative video on why installing a home alarm and monitoring system is worth your while.

Since 1956, Post Alarm Systems has been a leader in home security systems and home surveillance in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Bernardino County. Contact us today at 1(800) 654-7678 to learn more about installing an alarm security system at your home or to set up a consultation.

Top Reasons to Install a Home Security System

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Having a home security system installed to protect your home, your property, and your family is money well spent. Not only can a home alarm and surveillance system deter a potential thief from entering your home, it can also give you peace of mind knowing that your home is taken care of, regardless of whether or not your house is broken into. Here are some top reasons to have a home security system installed in your home. When you’re ready to secure your home, be sure to work with a reputable security company that you trust explicitly.

You Can Protect Your Belongings
Your possessions that you’ve worked hard for—not to mention the sentimental or heirloom items you own that are irreplaceable—should be guarded against theft. A locked door or a home safe is a good and effective barrier that provides one level of protection. A home alarm and monitoring system can add another level.

Modern Security Systems are Break-In Deterrents
Home invasions are extremely violating and can constantly make you feel unsafe in your own home afterward. If you visually advertise that some sort of alarm or home surveillance system is monitoring your property, you can deter burglars from entering your home. Statistics show that criminals tend to avoid places that have posted warning signs from security companies. That being said, if you have a system installed, be sure to keep it actively registered with your local police department or law-enforcement agency. Crafty criminals can access police databases to see if houses are actually protected by active home alarm systems.

You Can Remotely Monitor Your Home
Modern security and surveillance systems can be linked to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, which means that you can monitor your home from wherever you are. This technological advancement allows you more control over your home and family’s overall security.

Post Alarms System has been providing its customers with high quality home alarm systems, home automation, and surveillance in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County. When it comes to keeping you and your family safe, our services can’t be beat. Call us today at 1(800) 654-7678 if you have any questions.

The Post Alarm Advantage

Post Alarm Systems is a family owned and operated business that specializes in home security systems, home monitoring systems, fire alarm installation, surveillance, and home and business surveillance in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County. As a full-service security company, Post Alarm Systems never subcontracts out their projects. That means trained and qualified in-house technicians perform all of the work, so you can rest assured that your project is done properly and with accountability. The professionals at Post Alarm Systems can customize a home security system to your exact specifications at a reasonable and fair price. Since we value integrity and quality above all else, we never pressure our clients into signing long-term contracts.

At Post Alarm Systems, we strive to deliver quality workmanship and to provide the best customer service in the business. Since 1956, our motto has always been, “treat every client as if they are your only client.” Call us today at 1(800) 654-7678 to find out why we’ve been the industry standard in Southern California for nearly 60 years. You can always speak with a knowledgeable customer-service representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How Can Home Automation Benefit You?

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With the convenience that smartphones, tablets, and other Wi-Fi devices provide these days, automated products have been manufactured to make peoples’ lives better. When it comes to home automation and home security systems, homeowners are finding out that there are many benefits of embracing the current wave of technology.

Your Home’s Lights and Appliances Can Be Controlled Remotely
Not long ago, homeowners used to have worry about whether or not they had forgotten to turn on or off their lights or appliances after they left their houses. Those who traveled also stressed out about having to leave their lights on continuously. These days, automated systems take the strain off of homeowners by providing them a means to actively participate in what happens in their homes even when they are away. For example, specialized light bulbs and light systems can be controlled remotely via manufacturers’ apps that can be downloaded onto smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. Your thermostat can even be controlled from afar, allowing you to maintain your home’s temperature at whatever level you want.

Cameras Allow You to Check on Every Area of Your Home
You can’t physically be in every room in your home at once, but you can see them all. Having a surveillance system installed in your home can give you peace of mind whether you’re home or away. Recently, doorbell cameras have become popular because they give homeowners the opportunity to see who’s at their front door, and they can record digital video to document any suspicious activities.

Doors Lock and Unlock at Your Whim
One of the best things to opt for when having a wireless home security system installed is an automated door lock. Being able to remotely unlock and lock your doors ensures that your home is inaccessible or accessible on your terms. Automated door locks also eliminate the need to have extra house keys, which can be misplaced or stolen.

Post Alarms Systems is a family operated business that specializes in home automation, security cameras, and fire and alarm systems in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County. Contact us at 1(800) 654-7678 and let us help to ensure that your home continues to be a safe and comfortable place for your and your family.

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