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    A Look at Our Alarm Response Packages for Your Home Security System

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The home protection specialists at Post Alarm are committed to keeping California residences and businesses safe from unlawful intruders. Many homeowners invest in comprehensive alarm and security monitoring systems to protect their homes from thieves. But only a Priority Response package can ensure that you get the help you need as quickly as possible if an emergency arises. When you purchase an affordable Priority Response package, Post Alarm’s trained armed response and patrol officers get to your home right away and personally alert the police if necessary.

    To find out which Priority Response level of protection is right for your home, call Post Alarm at (800) 654-7678 to receive a free professional quote. Our security team can protect your home with 24/7 monitoring and daily patrol. Find the Los Angeles or Orange County location nearest you today.

    April Employee of the Month Michelle McMahon

    Last updated 1 year ago

    As many of you know, last July we lost a very special friend and co-worker, Jobey Flores. Jobey was the epitome of what we stand for at Post. In his honor, each month we recognize an employee who exemplifies the amazing qualities Jobey stood for. We are excited to announce that the recipient of the April “Jobey Flores Memorial Employee of the Month” award goes to Michelle McMahon who is in charge of our Accounts Receivable! If you have ever had a billing question, you have probably had the privilege of speaking with Michelle. Michelle has been with Post Alarm for 15 years and is an amazing asset to our company, not only in the Accounting Department but as a team player throughout. She works hard and gets jobs done quickly and accurately. Whenever clients have questions about billing, Michelle always resolves them in a timely manner and treats clients professionally with courtesy and respect. Michelle is also responsible for collections. Anyone who has ever worked in that area knows it is very difficult as you are not always talking with happy clients. Michelle has a gift of maintaining her composure, she takes the time to listen to each client, and works with them in any way she can to come up with a resolution that works for both parties. One of Michelle’s greatest strengths, is that she is knowledgeable in other areas of our company. Often times she works with other departments to answer client questions or concerns and always helps others in anyway to make sure things run smoothly. Michelle also goes out of her way help plan, set up and work our company events. She is always the one of the first ones there and one of the last ones to leave. Outside of work Michelle enjoys listening to 80’s music (or anything 80’s for that matter), roller skating, reading books, hanging out with her husband Rob as well as her best friend, visiting family in Oregon and is passionate about animal rights. Thank you so much Michelle for your dedication to our company and congratulations on your well deserved award!

    What Makes Your Home a Prime Target for Burglars?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Many homeowners rely on state-of-the-art alarm systems and security cameras to monitor their properties and keep their homes safe from intruders. But taking just a few extra steps can ensure that your residence is even less appealing to a would-be thief. Review these tips to make sure your home is protected:

    Easy Access Points

    Over one-fourth of all American homeowners invest in some form of electronic security, including security camera systems and home alarms. Unfortunately, even a state-of-the-art home protection system does little good when property owners forget to seal off easy access points. According to the Bureau of Justice, nearly half of annual household burglaries are not forced entries, meaning a thief was able to simply walk through an unlocked door or climb in through an open window.

    Visible Luxuries

    Even if you don’t leave a locked, expensive new motorcycle or mountain bike in your driveway, you may be inadvertently showing off pricey new purchases in a way that could attract burglars. If you have recently invested in a plasma screen television or other flashy item, never leave the box outside in a trashcan or in plain view. Thieves may be tipped off that you can afford to spend thousands of dollars on electronics and wonder what other expensive goods are inside.

    Missing Security

    If you don’t have a home alarm sign in your yard or on your door, burglars may view your property as an easy target. The best way to deter thieves from approaching your resident at all is to invest in a home protection system. An experienced security advisor can help you select the home alarm or security camera system that meets your needs.

    For an effective home protection system, you need help from a trusted professional. To find out how our alarm systems and security cameras can keep your property safe, call Post Alarm at (800) 654-7678 today. Our family-owned business is proud to provide security, monitoring, and fire alarm systems to all southern California clients.

    How to Keep Your Home Safe Before Leaving Town

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you are like most homeowners, you worry about your home’s security when you leave town. As you will learn in this video, taking just a few preventive steps can help ensure that your home is protected even when you are on vacation.

    First, never leave an extra key outside your home if you are traveling. Next, consider installing an extra deadbolt on your front door. You should also avoid advertising your vacation plans on a social media website. Finally, be sure to stop newspaper deliveries to avoid inadvertently notifying thieves that you haven’t been around to collect the paper.

    The best way to keep your home secure is to invest in a security monitoring system. At Post Alarm, our security team can help you select the camera system or alarm you need to feel safe. Call us at (800) 654-7678 today.

    Choosing an Access Control System for Your Small Business

    Last updated 1 year ago

    An access control system is a form of security protection that enables your trusted employees to gain entrance to a building after business hours while keeping intruders out. Access control systems are especially vital for small business owners, and these devices can even be designed to work with your fire detection and security monitoring devices. Here is how to select the best access control system for your company’s needs:

    Plan Security System

    Access control systems can range from basic electronic keypads that secure a single door to comprehensive networked security systems for multiple buildings. Before you choose your access control system, consider your small business needs. If you operate out of one building, you may want to control entry to the front door, parking garage, server room, and personnel records. If security is extremely important, an access control system can track which doors were opened and by whom.

    Select Proper Locks

    Next, consider which systems you’d like to connect to your access control system. Most companies opt to fuse monitored alarms and security camera systems as part of a larger protection plan. Once you know how many doors and entrances you need to secure, you will need to choose between electric strikes and magnetic locks. Electric strikes are usually more appropriate for standard wood doors and exits, while pricier magnetic locks are recommended for glass and aluminum entrance doors.

    Choose Entry Key

    Finally, select the credentials that grant access to your building. If you need only a basic security system, a keypad may do the trick. The majority of small businesses utilize card readers that can be combined with ID cards for extra security.

    Let the security and alarm experts at Post Alarm guide you through the process of selecting an access control system by calling us at (800) 654-7678 today. Whether you want to control employees’ access to certain areas or complement your current alarm and fire protection system, our professionals can customize the plan that is best for your budget and business needs.

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