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Tips for Preventing the Most Common Kinds of House Fires

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Fires cause significant damage to homes every year. Worse, most house fires are completely preventable. While there are many causes of house fires, the common thread between many of them is a lack of understanding about how everyday objects can cause house fires. Preventing house fires is ultimately a matter of exercising care and caution.

  • Shut Off Appliances
    When not in use, remember to turn off and unplug appliances such as toaster ovens or portable heaters. These appliances can continue to draw power, even when not use, which can cause overheating and electrical shorts. Shutting them off can eliminate the risk of unintended fires.
  • Use Electrical Outlets Properly
    Electrical outlets are designed to draw a certain amount of power from the grid. Overloading those outlets with plugs and extension cords can cause electrical shorts, sparks, and overheating, all of which can cause electrical fires. Prevent electrical fires by not overloading your electrical outlets. Only plug in items where their plug will fit, and minimize your use of extension cords whenever possible.
  • Install and Test Smoke Detectors
    Properly functioning smoke detectors are the most vital part of any home fire alarm system. Smoke detectors help warn you of trouble, giving you the time to get out of the house alive. Remember to test your smoke detectors monthly, replacing batteries as needed.

Preventing house fires is an important aspect of home protection. For more information about fire alarms and home protection, call Post Alarm Systems at (626) 802-5345. We specialize in all aspects of home protection, including fire alarms and security monitoring; we are equipped to help keep your home, and family, safe. Family owned and operated for over 50 years, we are one of the most trusted home protection companies in the Los Angeles and Orange County California area.

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