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Important Statistics on Household Fires

Smoke detector

Gloss over the National Fire Protection Agency’s (NFPA) statistics for the past 35 years and you will see that the total number of household fires in the United States has nearly halved since 1977. The number of civilian deaths attributed to house fires during the same time has fallen by more than half. These statistics are encouraging, but that does not make up for the 2,500 lives that are lost in house fires in the United States each year.

Look more closely at the NFPA’s statistics and you will see that the kitchen is the most common room of origin for home fires. You will also discover that more than half of house fire deaths occurred in homes in which a properly functioning smoke alarm was not present.

Investing in a new smoke and heat detection system is money well spent, especially if you opt to have a state-of-the-art smoke monitoring device and accompanying sprinkler installed in your kitchen. To speak with an experienced and reputable fire alarm installer in Southern California, call Post Alarm Systems at (800) 654-7678. In addition to fire alarms, we also provide 24-hour monitored security systems.  

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