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Top Reasons to Install a Home Security Camera

Residential security camera systems are becoming more and more popular as an added component to a basic home security system. In combination with home alarms and fire alarms, security cameras can help you and your family stay safe and protected.

Deter Break-Ins
The majority of home break-ins are committed by opportunistic, amateur burglars that aren’t using sophisticated tools or techniques. If someone is prowling around houses in your neighborhood looking for an easy target, he or she will steer clear of homes with security camera systems. If you place a home security camera near every major entry point into your home, you can discourage burglars from targeting you.

Have Evidence in the Event of a Burglary
Whether your home is burglarized or vandalized, the footage from your home video security system can point the police towards a suspect. You may even recognize someone from your neighborhood when reviewing the footage. Security camera systems are particularly helpful in situations where a criminal doesn’t actually enter your home, but steals something from your porch, or vandalizes your property. The police will have little evidence to work with, but surveillance camera video may give them all the evidence that they need.

Monitor Your Home Remotely
A security camera system combined with a home automation system grants you remote home monitoring. Even if you’re not home, you can view a live feed of your home security cameras using your smartphone or tablet. If you’re worried that your kids are going to throw a party while you’re out of town, or that your babysitter isn’t vigilant enough when watching your child, you can keep an eye on your home from afar.

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