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Keeping You Posted: Wildfires...Are You Prepared? Part I

Nineteen years ago my parents, brother and I were living in Big Bear.  At that time, Big Bear was in a drought and prime for forest fires just as our local foothills are now.  I will never forget one hot, windy summer day in July.  We were getting ready to leave on a family vacation when my dad spotted a plume of smoke on a hillside across the way.  After realizing that the fire had just started, my parents notified the fire department and headed for our friend’s house that was directly in the path of the fire.  They arrived in a matter of minutes and much to their surprise our friend didn’t even know about the fire.  They hurried to help him pack necessities, important documents and a few irreplaceable items.  A few minutes later, the fire department arrived at the scene and told them to evacuate…immediately.  Packing under pressure is not easy and what my parents had hoped would only take a few more minutes turned into ten.  Before they knew it, airplanes were directly overhead dropping fire retardant material on the house.  They ran outside only to realize that the fire had almost completely surrounded them.  They were terrified!  Little did they know, the fire department was trying to rescue them but there was only so much they could do as the fire had completely blocked the vehicle access.  As they ran back inside, they realized the walls were beginning to smoke and it was only a matter of seconds before the house would explode into a blazing inferno.  Their only choice was to grab wet rags to cover their airways, run outside and lay face down in the dirt.  All they could do was lie there and pray.  My parents didn’t think they would ever see my brother and me again.  Then a miracle happened.  The wind briefly switched direction giving the fire department a window of opportunity to reach the house.  My parents and their friend were saved.  They were extremely lucky. 

My purpose for sharing this personal story with you is to pass on some important lessons we learned that will hopefully be helpful for those that live in the surrounding foothills. 

  1. Create a 50 to 100 foot safety zone around your home and any other structures on your property.  Rake and remove leaves, dead limbs, and twigs, clearing all flammable vegetation.  Make sure to remove dead branches that extend over the roof.   The fire chief later told my parents that the fire surrounded them so quickly because the homeowner did not clear the brush from around his house.  This is an accelerant to the fire.  All of the homes in the area with the fire break were saved. 
  2. Create an evacuation list ahead of time.  You may want to pre-pack some items “just in case”.  It is very difficult to pack under pressure, especially when you are packing important documents and heirlooms.  Had my parent’s friend prepared a list ahead of time they likely would have been out of the house much quicker. 
  3. If the fire department tells you to evacuate…LISTEN!  My parents assumed that they had a couple of minutes to evacuate.  They didn’t!  The fire surrounded them extremely fast.  It is not worth your life.  Please leave the moment they tell you to. 

Remember, wildfires often begin unnoticed and can spread quickly.  It is important to be prepared well in advance if you live in a fire danger area. 

Have a wonderful SAFE day!                                   

Brought to you courtesy of Post Alarm Systems. For further information, please contact Gina Post at 626-446-7159, extension 133 or via email at gpost@postalarm.com. Please visit our website at www.postalarm.com.

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If you want to learn more about our recent blog topics, then here are a number of resources to reference. From these sources, you can find more detailed information on the topics of security safety standards, burglary statistics, neighborhood watch programs, and home security. 

  • For more information about the Underwriters Laboratories safety standards, you can visit their official website. 
  • KTLA News provides a recent news story on how security surveillance cameras are helping police to effectively prevent crime
  • See the USFA website for official fire statistics from the United States Fire Administration.
  • FireSafety.gov provides useful information on fire prevention and safety tips.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Alarm System for Your Home

security alarm

Alarm systems are designed to keep you and your family safe, but not every system will work well for your specific needs. Use this guide to find the security system that best fits into your home and your life.

  • Choose User-Friendly: If your home protection system is too complicated to figure out, then you might not use it as often as you should. Find an alarm system that is easy for you to set and disarm. Use caution, though—make sure to pick a user-friendly system that is not easy for an intruder to bypass.
  • Include a Fire Alarm: A security monitoring system should do more than just alert you to intruders—an alarm system should let you know if there is any sort of problem in your home, including a fire. Find a system that has a fire alarm included so you can be sure that in the event of a fire, your family has time to get out of the house and that help will immediately be on the way.
  • Consider Security Cameras: Take all the guesswork out of how secure your home is by finding a home protection system that also offers security cameras. If you feel like something suspicious is going on outside, then a security camera will let you take a look and possibly call for help even before the alarm is tripped.
  • Find a Reliable Company: If your security monitoring system alerts its company of a problem but the company does not act fast enough, then the alarm system is useless. Interview different alarm companies and ask for references so you can be sure that you really have someone watching out for you at all times.

Find a home alarm that has all these features and more at Post Alarm Systems. We have been providing Southern California families with stellar customer service and security for more than fifty years! To learn more, visit our website or call us at (626) 802-5345.

Emergency Planning for Employees

Your employees and coworkers are your business’s most important and valuable asset. It is extremely important to have an emergency plan in place and rehearsed should an emergency arise.  The Department of Homeland Security offers tips to help employers design an emergency plan for employees.

Two-way communication is central before, during and after a disaster.

  • Include emergency preparedness information in newsletters, on company intranet, periodic employee e-mails and other internal communication tools.
  • Consider setting up a telephone calling tree, a password protected page on the company Web site, an e-mail alert or call-in voice recording to communicate with employees in an emergency.
  • Designate an out-of-town phone number where employees can leave an “I’m OK” message in a catastrophic disaster.
  • Provide all coworkers with wallet cards detailing instructions on how to get company information in an emergency situation.  Include telephone numbers or Internet passwords for easy reference.
  • Maintain open communications where coworkers are free to bring questions and concerns to company leadership.
  • Ensure you have established staff members who are responsible for communicating regularly to employees.

Talk to coworkers with disabilities

If you have employees with disabilities, ask about what assistance is needed.  People with disabilities typically know what assistance they will need in an emergency.

  •  Identify coworkers in your organization with special needs.
  • Engage people with disabilities in emergency planning.
  • Ask about communication difficulties, physical limitations, equipment instructions and medication procedures.
  • Identify people willing to help coworkers with disabilities and be sure they are able to handle the job.  This is particularly important if someone needs to be lifted or carried. 
  • Plan how you will alert people who cannot hear an alarm or instruction.

 Frequently review and practice what you intend to do during and after an emergency with drills and exercises.

Have a wonderful SAFE day!                     

Brought to you courtesy of Post Alarm Systems. For further information, please contact Gina Post at 626-446-7159, extension 133 or via email at gpost@postalarm.com. Please visit our website at www.postalarm.com.

Happy 4th of July!

Red, White and Blue

Happy July 4th!! From all of us at Post Alarm Systems

Fourth of July, celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. This is a national holiday when the United States declared the independence from Great Britain. We would love to hear your favorite Fourth of July tradition.

Home Invasion Safety

Most burglaries occur between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm—protect yourself accordingly. There are many preventative measures you can practice in order to avoid the theft and burglary of your prized possessions.

In this video, a police officer discusses several preventative procedures you can implement in order to ensure that your belongings are safe. Though not every burglary is completely preventable, every effort to dissuade a robber can certainly make a difference. Protect your vehicle, home, or office by watching this clip.

Another way to protect your home or business is by installing a reliable security monitoring alarm system. That way, even when you’re away on business you can rest assured that your property is protected. Get in touch with the professionals at Post Alarm Systems by calling (626) 802-5345. We can help you find the right alarm system, fire alarm, security monitoring strategy, and security camera systems to give you peace of mind.

Tips on Avoiding Burglary


Losing a meaningful or valuable item is devastating. Even though there are ways to prevent it from happening, burglary can still occur without proper home protection. Whether your valuables are cherished objects from family history or items with great resale value, protecting your property should be a top priority because to have it stolen would be heartbreaking. Here are a few tips you can practice to ensure that each and every one of your most beloved belongings stays protected and safe:

Install an Alarm System

The best way to protect your home or business is to install an effective alarm system. Security camera systems and surveillance technologies will do the best job of protecting the premises of your home or business. There are reliable security companies that will monitor and protect any property 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lock Your Doors

This not only applies to the doors at your home and business, but your car doors as well. Always close your windows and latch and lock any entryways to prevent criminal-minded members of society from effortlessly entering into your home or vehicle. Use any obstacle to deter a criminal trespasser and protect your home—it will always be worthwhile.

Watch the Neighborhood

If you’re going out of town, then notify a trusted neighbor who can monitor your home while you’re away. It’s even better if you have access to a local neighborhood watch program. Also, be mindful of who you do notify of your absence. Don’t disclose vacation dates on your answering machine and certainly don’t inform the entire neighborhood of your plans to leave for several weeks. Be wise and prevent a tragedy that doesn’t need to happen.

The best thing you can do to protect the people and valuables in your home is install a security system. Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Post Alarm Systems—we can protect your home with a wide variety of quality security services. Our staff specializes in security monitoring and security camera systems as well as fire alarms, so contact us today at (626) 802-5345!

Fourth of July - Barbecue Safety

Brats on the Grill at a Tailgate Party

Fourth of July is a time for family, friends and the All American Barbeque.  Please take a minute to review the following barbeque safety tips before you light up your grill this Fourth of July. 

General Barbecuing Safety Tips:

1.    Make sure that the barbecue is at least 10 feet from the house, or any other material that could catch fire.

2.    Have a fire extinguisher, a garden hose attached to a water supply, or at least 16-quarts of water close by in case of a fire.

3.    Always open the barbecue lid before you light it. If it doesn't fire up the first time you try it, then shut it down, and try it again in about 5 minutes.

4.    From the time you light the barbecue, until you're finished cooking, stay with your fire. Accidents can happen when you leave a barbecue unattended.

5.    Always make sure that the barbecue is in a safe place, where kids and pets won't touch or bump into it. Keep in mind that the barbecue will still be hot after you finish cooking, and anyone who makes contact with the barbecue could be burned.

6.    If you use a barbecue lighter, make sure you don't leave it lying around where the kids can access it. It won't take long for them to figure out how to use it.

Propane Grills:

1.    Remove the grates and lava rocks, and check out the burner. If it looks good visually, then fire it up and make sure that you have an even flame throughout. If not, then replace it. Most burners only last 1 or 2 seasons, depending on how much you use your barbecue.                          

2.    Check for leaks.  Spray soapy water on the connections, and supply lines. If you see bubbles, turn off the tank, and try re-connecting. If it still bubbles, then gas is still leaking. Shut off the tank and get the leaky part replaced.  Do NOT use the grill until the leak is fixed.

3.    Only open your propane tank a quarter to one-half turn. That's all the gas your barbecue needs to operate.  If you have a problem, it's much easier to shut off.

4.    Never start a propane grill with the lid closed. Gas can accumulate and when the grill is ignited may cause an explosion.

5.    ALWAYS shut off the propane fuel at the grill and at the tank after you have finished barbecuing. Otherwise, this will lead to fire hazards, such as leaks and faulty regulators.

Charcoal Grills:    

1.    Use the starter fluid sparingly and never put it on an open flame.  Let the lighter fluid soak into the coals for a minute or so before lighting it. That will give the explosive vapors a chance to dissipate.                                                               

2.    Stand back from the coals when you ignite them, and make sure you didn't accidentally spill any fluid on yourself, or on any area surrounding the grill.

3.    If the coals start to die out, don't spray lighter fluid on them. You could end up with explosive results.

4.    Remove the charcoal ashes from the grill and place them into a metal container with a tight-fitting metal lid. Add and mix in water with the ashes, and set aside for several days.

In Case of a Barbecue Fire:

  1. For PROPANE Grills - turn off the burners. For CHARCOAL Grills - close the grill lid. Disconnect the power to ELECTRIC Grills.
  2. For PROPANE Grills - if you can safely reach the tank valve, shut it off.
  3. If the fire involves the tank, leave it alone, evacuate the area and call the fire department (911).   If there is any type of fire that either threatens your personal safety or endangers property, ALWAYS DIAL 911.
  4. NEVER attempt to extinguish a grease fire with water. It will only cause the flames to flare up. Use an approved portable fire extinguisher.

Have a Wonderful Safe Fourth of July! Brought to you courtesy of Post Alarm Systems.

For further information, please contact Gina Post at 626-446-7159, ext. 133 or visit our website at


Benefits of Managing Your Alarm Online

computer work

Modern alarm systems incorporate technology that simply weren’t available ten years ago. In the new era of security monitoring and advanced home protection, there are many advantages to these kinds of services, including the ability to view your security systems from the Internet. Homeowners and business owners alike are now afforded an opportunity that was never before possible in the security industry: the ability to manage and access home surveillance and security data anywhere, simply with an internet connection! Read on for several benefits of monitoring your alarm system online:


With these groundbreaking capabilities, the entire information database for your alarm and security system is conveniently located on one webpage. Not only will the property be vigilantly monitored by security professionals around the clock, but you will be able to access the footage and information yourself from any internet connection.

Peace of Mind

With access to the camera footage of your property around the clock, you can sleep soundly knowing that your home or business is being safeguarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Live better knowing your valuables and belongings are well-protected and secure.

Freedom to Travel

A video surveillance or access control system will afford you all kinds of opportunities that you may not have felt comfortable taking advantage of before. Now you and your family are free to travel as much as possible, assured in knowing that you can view your front door at any time, from any location. No matter where you are, an internet connection can take you straight home, at least virtually, so you can check up on things.

If you’re in the market for a reliable security monitoring and home protection supplier, then contact the experts at Post Alarm Systems. Our professionals specialize in fire alarms, security cameras, and comprehensive residential or commercial protection services. We also offer 24-hour technical support and service, so call (626) 802-5345 today!

The Importance of Having Monitored Fire Protection for Your Business

Smoke Detector

Whether you’re opening or maintaining a business, you want to implement as many preventative measures as you can to ensure the protection of your patrons and your profits, safeguarding both your establishment and your livelihood.

One of the best ways to do that is install a monitored fire alarm system. Security professionals will be able to survey the premises of your business or home whether you’re there or not. In the event of an emergency, a trained response team will swiftly notify the fire department or other relevant authorities.

When you own or operate a business, security and protection to maintain the well-being of that business needs to be a priority. There is no way that we can watch over our homes and businesses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A disaster can truly be avoided by implementing a fire and security monitoring service. Here are a few benefits of using a monitored fire protection system:

Important Protection

Practice and prepare for fire safety and prevention. The right fire alarm can certainly help you avoid the possibility of losing important files, equipment, or data to a fire. It would be devastating to find all of your work and important client information disintegrated into ashes from an unforeseen tragedy. A fire alarm monitoring system can help you avoid this by alerting the authorities.


Neighborhood Safety

According to the United States Fire Administration, 170 fires occur per day in this country. With a monitored fire alarm, firefighters will be able to act quickly, preventing the flame from spreading to neighboring businesses and communities.

Increased Confidence

You will have peace of mind knowing that your business and assets are being watched over at all times. Regardless of whether your establishment is more vulnerable to fires or burglaries, a security monitoring system can help eliminate any potential threat.

If you’re searching for a reliable security firm, then contact the professionals at Post Alarm Systems. Our monitored fire protection team makes it their top priority to safeguard your home or business. We specialize in security monitoring and alarm systems, so call (626) 802-5345 today.

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