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Do You Know Who Is At Your Door?

Burglar Breaking In To Home At Night Through Back Door

Did you know that a good percentage of residential burglars obtain inside information on the layout of your house, what possessions you have, and who lives there as well as their schedules before breaking in?  More often than not the person casing your house is not the burglar…but an informant working for the burglar.  If you can prevent the casing of your house, you could prevent the burglary. 

The following are precautions you can take to circumvent ploys that criminals often use to get into your home:

  1. If a stranger shows up at your door unannounced, WATCH OUT!  Do not immediately open the door.  It is important to secretly observe the person on the other side first.   If you feel at all suspicious, just simply ignore them.  It is better to avoid the situation than to potentially let a criminal see you as well as the inside of your home. 
  2. Whether or not you have an appointment scheduled for repair, delivery, or even a door-to-door salesperson, it is always a good idea to have them show their identification card for you to see through a peephole or door window.  If you have even the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to call their business to verify that they are legitimate.  If you do not know the business phone number you can look in the phone book or call information (411). 
  3. Do not leave repair/maintenance people alone in your home.  Stay with them and observe their actions.  If you have any suspicions, do not stay in your home alone with them.  Leave immediately and call the Police Department.  Be aware and cautious at all times.  The Police, and Post Alarm Systems, would rather you be safe
  4. If you invite someone into your home to give you an estimate, make sure to visit their business first (or verify that they have an actual location).  It is better to arrive at their business unannounced as you will be able to see who they REALLY are.  Are they conducting business out of their garage or do they have a business presence in your community?
  5. Be aware of what is happening in your neighborhood.  You are the eyes and ears for your neighbors, as they are for you.  If you see something suspicious, call your local police department immediately.  Neighborhood Watch programs are a great way to curb crime and make a better neighborhood community for all.  For additional information contact your local police department. 

Remember, unscheduled house visits are the best way for someone to case your home.  Make sure you really know who you are allowing to come inside.  Although we would like to trust everyone, in this day and age, unfortunately we can’t.  It is better to be cautious than to have a false sense of security that could result in harm or loss of property. 

Have a wonderful SAFE day!

Brought to you courtesy of Post Alarm Systems. For further information, please contact Gina Post at 626-802-5345 or visit our website at www.postalarm.com.

Happy Father's Day 2011

Tell us of your fondest memory with your Father. Share the things that he did for and with you we want to post these on our Facebook page for all of your friends and our friends to enjoy and Happy Father’s Day 2011!


Happy Father's Day

What It Means to Be UL-Certified

Rubber Stamp certified

In many industries, professional certification not only signifies a company’s compliance with industry standards, but also indicates quality services. In the home protection and security alarm industry in particular, the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approves and certifies various alarm system products, services, and companies. Professional certification in the alarm industry fosters trustworthy relationships between residential customers and business owners, service providers, and the law enforcement authorities in the area.

It’s very important for a security systems company to be UL-Certified. This demonstrates that their security program meets industry standards and allows them to assure the quality of their services. UL Certification also affords the security companies the option of not requiring long-term contracts for their services.

UL has worked with user groups, law enforcement authorities, and major players in the alarm industry to formulate today’s standards for alarm service certification. The Certification guarantees the highest level of confidence available in today’s security systems market. Companies must apply for accreditation, pass inspection, and complete an annual audit process in order to maintain certification. Yearly, millions of security products are rigorously and thoroughly tested to ensure safety and defense requirements.

Over time, UL has developed more than one thousand safety standards to better protect businesses and homeowners. The UL standards were implemented in order to ensure public safety, improve service quality, reduce overall cost, and instill consumer confidence.

If you would like to enlist the help of a UL-Certified alarm and security systems company, then don’t wait to contact the experts at Post Alarm Systems. Our qualified professionals specialize in the design and installation of home security systems, fire protection systems, access control systems, and CCTV video surveillance systems. We also provide UL-Certified alarm monitoring, loss prevention consulting, neighborhood patrol, armed alarm response, as well as 24-hour technical support services. You can learn more by calling us today at (626) 802-5345.

Home Fire Safety

For the safety of you and your family, it’s important to learn about and practice home fire safety procedures. A fire can happen at any time: In this country, 170 fires occur per day. By installing fire alarms and practicing fire drills regularly, you could save your life and the lives of others around you. 

In this video, learn a few tips about fire safety from the Red Cross. Discover some of the things you should be doing in order to ensure the well-being of your household, and find out how you can help other victims of house fires.

To install a top-of-the-line monitored fire alarm or security surveillance camera system, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Post Alarm Systems. We also offer an extensive variety of commercial security systems, so call us today at (626) 802-5345 for all of your business and home protection needs.

"Keeping You Posted": Protecting Your Home...While on Vacation


Picture this: you and your family are returning from a fun-filled vacation, ready to unpack and update the photo album. Only when you get home, you find the front door open, the back window broken, and valuables missing from all over the house, including your "clever" hiding places. Each year, nearly 5 million families become victims of household burglary, often while they've been away on vacation. 

According to the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA), there are some simple steps you can take to make your home less attractive to would-be burglars. The best way is to combine the list of ideas below with a professionally installed and monitored electronic security alarm system in your home. Before you leave on your trip, be sure to:

  • Get a trusted friend or relative to "house sit." Or, make sure your neighbors know your plans.
  • Have a neighbor pick up your newspapers and your mail for you daily.
  • Lock all doors and windows, and secure the garage door.
  • Leave a car parked in the driveway, or ask a neighbor to park in your driveway.
  • Leave a house key -- and a number where you can be reached -- with a atrusted friend or neighbor.
  • Use timers to turn lights on and off at certain times, altering lighting patterns, to create an occupied look.
  • Leave drapes and shades open as normal. (Closed blinds during the day are a sure sign of an empty house, plus they allow a burglar to attend to his business unseen by neighbors.)
  • Arrange to have your lawn mowed.
  • Be sure your trees and hedges have been trimmed. This gives burglars fewer places to hide.
  • Consider upgrading outdoor light fixtures with devices that have built-in motion detectors, which turn on the lights whenever anyone walks past.

Have a wonderful SAFE day!

Brought to you courtesy from Post Alarm Systems.

For further information, please contact Gina Post at 626-446-7159, ext. 133 or visit our website today!

Greetings from Post Alarm Systems

Welcome to the Cast page of Post Alarm Systems! We are so excited to be able to talk directly with our customers and reach out to potential clients from all of our social media outlets including this Cast Page, our Facebook, and our Twitter. We are a family owned security system business that has been servicing the Southern California area for over 56 years. We believe a security system should be personalized, not stamped from a mold and sold as if "one size fits all". We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know our customers unique needs and expectations. Then we design a system that matches those requirements. We will also be there years down the line if you should ever need to service your system.

Call us today at (626) 802-5345 and visit our website for more information about our products and service. We look forward to helping you and answering any questions that you may have.

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