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Fire Alarms in Los Angeles

Fires affect hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses each year, causing extensive property damage and loss, as well as posing a severe health and safety risk. When a fire breaks out, fast action is needed to contain it. A reliable fire alarm is the best way to detect smoke or fire as early as possible to reduce its impact on your home or business and protect those you care about. Post Alarm Systems can help you choose the right fire alarm system near Los Angeles and provide continuous security monitoring services to take action when a fire or other disaster occurs, regardless of whether you are present or not.

Improving Commercial Fire Safety

An integrated commercial fire alarm system provides better safety for your clients and employees. Together with your fire alarm, there are several other steps you can take to increase safety and protect your property from fires.

  • Make sure all employees know where fire suppression equipment is located and how to react in case of a fire alarm. Holding fire drills regularly will ensure all employees act accordingly in the event of a real fire to protect themselves and any clients on the scene.
  • Brief all employees on the fire alarm system you have installed and how it works. Not only will your employees better understand what a fire alarm means if it sounds, but they will also feel safer and more secure working in an environment they know is protected.
  • Explain to employees that a fire alarm is only one part of a comprehensive fire protection plan. Ensure that employees know how to dispose of potentially flammable materials and how to spot fire hazards and take action to eliminate them.

Installing Fire Alarms in Your Home

A fire alarm’s function is to provide the earliest possible warning if a fire breaks out. Fire alarms can reduce property destruction and save lives, minimizing the impact of a fire on your family and your life. Integrating your fire alarm system with your existing home security system is easy, convenient, and cost-effective. Your security monitoring services can alert local authorities in case of a fire without the need for you to make any additional calls, and you can also receive fire alerts on your cell phone to take action even if you aren’t home at the time. Post Alarm Systems specializes in fire alarm and security alarm systems for homes and businesses in the Los Angeles Area. If you’d like to learn more or discuss the benefits of surveillance and fire alarm monitoring for your property, please call 1 (800) 654-7678 for additional information about our commercial and home security systems.

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